Treintaycuatropièces distinguées&onestriptease

Documentary on the Distinguished Pieces

This film attempts to offer a documentary version of a long production process that began in Madrid in 1991 with the striptease show Socorro! Gloria! and concluded with the deployment of the three series of distinguished pieces (1993, 1997, 2000) in successive presentations of Panoramix (2003) in London, Geneva or Paris. Although the goal was the tangible preservation of an ephemeral work, the film was inevitably destined to evolve into something more; just as the book La Ribot (2004) brought the artist's creative constants and compositional interests to the printed page, so the film also offers a new projection of her preoccupations in a format that has already captured her interest in other recent works – digital video.

While the Piezas distinguidas (Distinguished Pieces) were conceived as a work about and from the body, Treintaycuatro pieces distinguées & one striptease is first and foremost a work about the gaze. The body ceases to be an object and becomes an excuse for fixing a certain gaze to which falls the responsibility of motion. The film thus appears as the final destination of a journey that began in the theatre – in other words, with the observance of present body in action (Piezas distinguidas y Más distinguidas [Distinguished Pieces and More Distinguished], first version) – moved on to the gallery and the museum, partially inverting the assignment of mobility and immobility to performer and spectators (Más distinguidas, second version, and Still Distinguished), and concluded by putting gaze itself into motion.

-José A. Sánchez- Madrid, 2007

Direction and interpretation: La Ribot
Editing: Sylvie Rodriguez
Sound mixing: Clive Jenkins  and Grading Santine Muñoz
Editing assistant: Sandra Roth
Design: Gag Comunicación
Production: La Ribot Association Genève
Coproduction: Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council / La Casa Encendida de la obra social de caja, Madrid, Spain / Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, France / Mercat de les flors Barcelona, Spain / La Ribot 36 Gazelles, London, UK

La Ribot Association Genève is supported by City of Geneva, Republic and Canton of Geneva, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council, La Loterie Romande