October 2 to 21

Following LP – festival de dansa... o no, La Porta continues its commitment to investigation and ongoing renewal of presentation formats with a series of activities that offer a varied, plural vision of current work dealing with the body, movement and performance. Proposals range from a documentary of a serial artistic work of one of our most internationally influential artists to supporting new generations through a commitment to presenting fist pieces and works in progress by emerging artists, together with specific commissions that take risks with new modes of conceiving and practicing the creative process.

A heterogeneous cycle made up of artists from different generations and territories, with diverse works and formats: an adventure about the delusions of grandeur behind the malleability of personal identity in virtual space, an open performance lab, the screening of a very distinguished film, a micro-choreography edited in video form that is actually a live-movement archive, the fortunately regained experience of a certain Miss Nieve, a theoretical reflection disguised as a performative installation, an attempt to construct an unlikely narrative that, lacking a beginning and an end, is able to transit the medium.

All of them, projects that share a certain taste for fragmentation and deconstruction, viewed as tools that can generate different spaces and relationships between image and the imagination, presence and projection, reality, fiction and memory.

Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 · Sala Beckett · 10pm ·  free admission (limited seating)

The first public showing of two works in progress developed as part of La Porta's Comfortable Spaces program of collaborations with arts projects.

Vanessa Medina
Vanessa and her team of collaborators offer us an ambiguous space that lies somewhere between stage and laboratory – a physical and sound journey that responds to the imaginary in its most open sense.

David Espinosa
A play on presence and the codes of virtual space, in which the ability to manipulate information allows us to modify identities and change the way other people perceive us.
*meeting the artists after the presentations.

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 · Sala Beckett ·Saturday · 10pm/Sunday 8pm · admission 7€

Mónica Valenciano
Impregnaciones en la Señorita Nieve y Guitarra
Thee ninth instalment of the Disparates series, in which Mónica Valenciano presents the mute skeleton her work, complete with subtitles of mathematical nakedness, in full colour.

Arantxa Martínez
Al oeste del Pecos
Fragments of unconnected stories coexisting in a single space. An attempt to construct a narrative that, lacking beginning or end, allows access to the inbetweens.
*Sunday 7, meeting the artists following the presentations.

Wednesday 10 · CCCB (auditorium) · 8pm · admission 3€

La Ribot
A documentary that covers twelve years of Distinguished Pieces as well as the seed of the project - the essential striptease ¡Socorro! ¡Gloria!. A chance to see the whole series from the perspective of the ideal spectator.

*Presented in collaboration with the Mercat de les Flors

Tuesday 16 · La Caldera · 9pm · admission 5€

Pere Faura
This is a picture of a person I don't know
A multidisciplinary solo on loneliness and the idea of nostalgia as an escape route that explores new areas between theatre and film, live and pre-recorded action, reality and fiction.

Caterina Sagna
Transgedy - solo for Alessandro
Alessandro Bernardeschi embodies tragedy. Alone on the stage, he enters into and becomes Shakespearean characters – he is Othelo, Iago and Desdemona, interchangeably. Caterina Sagna creates a nervous dance for him, a struggle against obsessions.

Thursday 18 · La Caldera · 9pm · free admission (limited seating)

Hueco with Vincent Dunoyer
Cheap Imitation Part 1
A tiny choreographic gem and the projection of a series of images will lead us into a conversation with the artist about his project Memento. The body as an archive of movements, the body as memory.

Saturday 20 · La Caldera · 9pm · free admission (limited seating)

Hueco with Roberto Fratini
Luftpause - Almost a lecture on dance. That is, a bloody case of manipulation
Luftpause: a breath mark, an interval of air. Punctuations. Pebbles. Slip-ups. Accidents. Hold-ups, twisters, whirlpools in the flow of words that rush, gurgling, towards the black hole of a blank at the letter's core.

Sunday 21 · Can Felipa · 7pm · admission 2€

A second look at these two works in progress, within the frame of the autumn festival Escena Poblenou - Festival de Tardor.

Vanessa Medina
David Espinosa




Sala Beckett
Alegre de Dalt, 55 bis · bookings  93 2845312
CCCB · Montalegre, 5
bookings · on sale 2h before the show
La Caldera · Torrent d'en Vidalet, 43
bookings · on sale 1h before the show
Can Felipa · Pallars, 277 · on sale 1h before the show

Organised by: La Porta
with the collaboration of: Sala Beckett / La Caldera / CCCB / Escena Poblenou - Festival de tardor / La Mekanica

with the support of:  Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació de la Generalitat de Catalunya/ ICUB - Ajuntament de Barcelona/ INAEM – Ministry of Culture