La Ribot

The Madrid born artist Maria Ribot lived and worked in London from 1997 until 2004. Today she lives in Geneva. Under the diva name of La Ribot, she has created award winning dance pieces that exist at the intersection of contemporary dance, live art, performance and video. In the last decade, La Ribot has created an exacting yet humorous vocabulary of geometric concentration through her renowned dance series 'distinguished pieces'.

La Ribot's work constitutes a system that allows her to research, develop, and question the temporal, spatial and conceptual limits of dance as it relates to the overlapping fields of live art, performance and visual art. Since 2000, La Ribot has developed a strong interest in the everyday function of video. This has led to the construction of live dance pieces filmed and experienced from the perspective of the body in motion.
By presenting her work at major international art galleries, theatres, dance festivals, live art and performance festivals, La Ribot consistently employs dance as a challenge to disciplinary expectation. Experienced live, a La Ribot dance piece creates a paradox of exact uncertainty. This paradox enthralls and draws the viewer into the intensive experience that is La Ribot. As a pioneering figure in the development of dance as live art, La Ribot's work allows us to understand the changing state of live culture today.