work in progress

Vanessa and her team of collaborators offer us an ambiguous space that lies somewhere between stage and laboratory – a physical and sound journey that responds to the imaginary in its most open sense.

Perrochino is a compilation of ideas and images relating to the mysterious side of things – stories of characters who appear human but are not of this world and, as such, will never totally fit into it.

Throughout the process of creating it, we let ourselves be influenced by film and television images, soaking up 1950s sci-fi with its ever-present ambiguity. This was the shared subject matter my colleagues and I eventually came to. Through dialogue about where we are, what we want and things like that, I've come to the conclusion that I live in a world in which the eye has become used to assimilating almost everything. There comes a point in which the limits between reality and fiction blur, leaving people confused, in the best of cases. On stage, it doesn't work the same way. We accept that everything we see is fictitious form the start, and seeing as that's the starting point, rather than trying to imitate some kind of everyday reality, we fantasise about it.

The people with whom I share the stage process aren't dancers or actors. They work with physical materials, musical instruments and their voices, thus offering a very rich creative field with a mixture of techniques, as well as different readings on the shared imaginary.

-Vanessa M. Pinal-

Concept and performance: Vanessa Medina
Video: Cristóbal Montesdeoca
Assistant director: Leo Castro.
Lighting assistant: Conrado Parodi
With the collaboration of: La Porta/comfortable spaces