Vanessa Medina

Dancer, creator and Shiatsu practitioner. In her work highlights the influence of Mónica Valenciano, the Body weather, the theater formation with Txiqui Berraondo and the school of shiatsu and movement. As the study of movement with Carmelo Salazar in the last past years. She debuted as a performer in Petit piece, la canaria directed by Mauricio González and works with the Canarian company Andanza.
From her training in sculpture, she investigates with tissues and meanings of to be dressed, and creates clothing collections.
In 1996 she develops the project of research semantic body, based on the relationship of the dance with the word.
She has worked in the scenic creations, Matriushka gagá (2001) and Hijos del Agobio (2003). The solos Pieza perdida (2005) and Desconcierto (2008). From her experimentation with the video creation, appears the document Anímate bobita (2007).