Maria Montseny / Anna Rubirola

I've never had favorite pictures. Or subjects. I have discipline of treating everything equally   
William Eggleston

If you skate on a thin line of ice, your only hope is speed
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Coristes is a piece that focuses on the question of the second (and never the first) term, character, plane- and in relation to this last one- on the concepts of subtext, subterfuge, underground, etc… A research on the concept of no-protagonism; of staying out of the main focus or out of focus; of remaining on the background or facing back; of being out of the frame or just partially visible. A piece where the protagonist is a elliptic character or concept, where only the shadows, the background landscape, the less prominent characters or the subjacent pieces remain. A look at the chorus line women or at the homogeneous, synchronized and of blurred identity group of women in the background.


With the support of: CoNCA - Generalitat de Catalunya, Bipolart, Dans Burg, La Caldera (residencies 2010) and La Porta
Thanks to Jordi Prat, Alba Suñé, Hector Moras , Oriol Roca, Roger Roca, Teresina Pascual Recordà, Clara Tena, Laura Rubirola and Roger Crespo

23rd and 24th of March, 20h
Mercat de les Flors, sala Pina Bausch

Length: 1 h

Creation and performance: Maria Montseny y Anna Rubirola
Music: diversos artistas