Maria Montseny

Graduate in contemporary dance in the Institut del Teatre. She extends her studies in SNDO (School for New Dance Development) of Amsterdam. She works as interpreter, direction assistant, etc, in different companies of Barcelona as Danat Danza and Raravis (Andrés Corchero-Rosa Muñoz), among others. María also works as choreography assistant and interpreter in proposals of theater by Joan Ollé. The path of the Body Weather is her interesting, learning from Andrés Corchero, Hisako Horikawa, Franc go of Ven and Min Tanaka (been in Japan). She has collaborated in different projects of improvisation with the group IBA and with musicians as Agustí Fernàndez. As independent creator, has projects alone and others in collaboration; at present María is part of the group Anna Rubirola - Maria Montseny. She gives classes and courses of Body Weather in Tragantdansa, Compañía de danza Sol Picó and La Poderosa, among others.