Maria Montseny + Anna Rubirola

After meeting as performers for many productions (Danat Dansa, Cróniques de Joan Oller / Jordi Savall), their first project in common was Còrpora (2006), winning videodansa project's competition by Generalitat de Catalunya 2005, piece carried out together with Alejo Levis. They continued their collaboration preparing two short pieces in parallel; Preguntes per fer a la Sra. Q by Maria Montseny, and Playground by Anna Rubirola and Alejo Levis, introduced in the Patonce Festival Tremp 2006. Both take part as co-creators and interpreters in the project Desaladas Club under the cultural association El Local (África Navarro and David Espinosa); piece presented to different festivals: Tensdansa'07, Tremp Dansa '07, Per amor a l'hart'07, Intempéries'07 (Valencia), Foc Feria' 07 (Valencia). In 2009 they create the piece Break Fast o de la Feble Feblesa (Break Fast or of the Weak Weakness), that presents in different festivals: Grec'09, LP'09 dansa...o no, Nits d'aielo i Arts, Bouesia, Dance Ara (La Pedrera), Danza Gijón, among others. They have collaborated with the musician Miquel Àngel Marín in the project of improvisation Contextuals, which pressents in different festivals: Trenkart, Sincrònic, among others. At present they are resident artists in La Caldera with their new project Coristes (Chorus).