Luz de gas

Voluntarily and consciously, my desire drives me from serenity to fulfilment.

In fulfilment there is no desire. Nor does serenity harbour desire. Desire is only present in our voluntary, conscious movement between the two. Dance is desire in a pure, abstract state. A desire for survival, assertion, madness. A spiritual desire, that flesh may become spirit. An impossible (and therefore eternal) desire. Flights from the body, traces of the sensorial course of humours through the body, creating unstable behaviours. This is the portrait of a person who finds herself between yearning and reality. A poetic reflection on different states the body passes through, which Montse Penela uses to construct a piece that is slight, but has the power to generate a naked, almost overpowering, intimacy with the spectator.

16th and 17th of March, 20h
18th of March, 23h

Seats are very limited, we recommend booking
30 minutes approx.

Video, text and performance: Montse Penela
Artistic collaboration: Susana Velasco
Thanks to: Iñaki Bustamante, Lola Jiménez, Getsemaní Sanmarcos
This project has the support of  la Comunidad de Madrid