Aún en este mundo

provisional title

Artists such as Nan Goldin are a major influence on my current artistic work. Like Goldin, how many times do I need to be reminded by someone or something that life (art) doesn't happen anywhere else but here and now?  How often I look around and think: this is what people do... this is how they live... this is what they feel... this is what they are.. reminding myself of what I do, what I live, what I feel... what I am.

In the sequence of my last work Insider and in the process of creating Aún en este mundo, I remain interested in exploring the fine line between art and life, the private and the public.  I'm still interested in the property that I find on that boundary and in bringing it to one of my main concerns as an artist now:  to ensure that my works can be effectively read by audiences who are not necessarily specialised.

In this new work, I want to understand what really moves me right now, as always, through a deeper reflection on the relationship between what I do and those who observe – the audience.  With Aún en este mundo I want to continue exploring what I read one beautiful day:

(...) that unformed, voiceless, insignificant place where language can be revealed


This presentation is a continuation of the artists residence for Aún en este mundo at the Tanzfabrik Berlin, from January 9 to 24, 2006.

Conceived, directed and performed by: Rui Silveira

Assistant: Abraham Hurtado

Artistic collaboration:  Claudia Dias

Production: La Mekanica (Barcelona)

Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin (Germany), Centa (Portugal), Eks-scena (Croatia). With the collaboration of the Instituto Cervantes.  This work is due to premier in Barcelona in September 2006.