Created in the context of Block24 DasArts: the political body (Amsterdam). The solo Tendency consists of four different ways of reflecting the concept of tendency on an abstract level. Four different structures direct the performer's actions suggesting the inflexibility of unidirectional understanding, revealing the physicality of the body and space through the performance. What is the body? What body encloses the body? Can we see what the body may be? Possibly, but always through the body that encloses it. This piece doesn't try to answer questions about what the body means, but rather 'what a body does', 'what a body produces'.

Norberto Llopis also presents in the frame of LP'09 the performance Materia potencia, fantasmas.

18th of March, 21h

25 minutes / shared program with No idea

Choreography and performance: Norberto Llopis Segarra
Music: Beethoven
Production: Block DasArts

* This presentation was made possible thanks to the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Spain