Apuntes mínimos (Minimal Notes)

Ana Buitrago

A body thrown on diverse canvas with no other purpose than to unveil in its flesh and stay as landscape, as breathing. A body-place, a body-fragment traveling in discontinuity through images, signs and meanings, allowing itself to exist by diving into the times and geographies of being.

I start from a wish- to  separate the gesture and the movement from their possible symbology, in order to go into the body, into its writing as line and point, as a place of expansion in passage; without need of a vertical direction, but from the convergence of a series of traces co-existing in multiple directions.

Unfolding and offering landscapes with the body, spaces for the gaze, which do not try to apprehend a meaning, but which allow themselves to exist just by being. I try to do in such a way that nothing happens... to arrive at that place-  a place for the body, for the gaze, for attention, where the aim of contemplation is not to build, but  to allow itself to swim through the body landscapes, unfolding a time without time, a staying-being.

And I find myself playfully with a failure. As J. L. Nancy says- To see a body is not to disclose a mystery, is to see what is offered to the sight, the image, the myriad of images which the body is, the bare image, which lay bare the areality.

So these Apuntes (Notes) are a traveling between the concrete and the abstract. Again a wish to swim, just like that, for the pleasure of being, and a verification of the impossibility of not meaning. Understanding that rubbing the spaces of experience, beyond its significance, goes always through the signs, the images and the contexts, not through denial or deconstruction. Searching to play with them from a place which enables other spaces of experience that do not need to be named, but do need to be told, activated, exposed. And thus placing the body in that limit where it becomes a relational body, a linked body, a body in between bodies.


March 25thof March, 19h
La Porta

Length: 50 min

Idea and performance: Ana Buitrago
Lighting: Carlos Marquerie
Sounds: Javier Álvarez Alonso, John Cage
Video camera and editing: Mar Giménez
Production: there is NOT
With the support of La Porta - espacio cómodo 2010
Thanks to María Navarro, Carme Torrent, Carmelo Salazar, Lola Jiménez, Antonio Fernández Lera and David Benito.