La Poderosa, a space for dance and its contaminants, is a place for creation and cultural agitation run by Las Santas, a collective whose close relationship to La Porta allows it to set up different modalities of exchange and collaboration. Rather than occupy the space, on this occasion LP has preferred to host and give visibility to some of the projects organised by Las Santas in their space: a laboratory-installation by one of the members of the collective, a new IN program specially conceived for LP'09 and one of the Creation Practices that began in 2008.
These Creation Practices are intensive encounters between an artist and persons (students, actors, dancers...) who are interested in learning about his or her universe, tools and methodology. During his presence at the festival, Juan Domínguez will carry out three working sessions at La Poderosa on March 18, 20 and 21, from 11am to 4pm.
Information and registrations at www.lapoderosa.es