July Cycle

Conventions and Meetings

Once again we aim to use July to carry out a series of activities which are less visible to the public, such as closed-door meetings. Nevertheless, this month will also see the presentation of two pieces developed within the framework of Comfortable Spaces of collaboration that La Porta establishes with different artists over the course of the year.

Juan Navarro and Agnès Mateus
29 June, 10 pm - La Poderosa
First Masters and Slaves Convention
This first convention opens a cycle of experimental theme nights aimed at raising participants' awareness of a form of behaviour they might be unfamiliar with and broadening their experience in this field.
At this first event, the presenters will be opening the doors to SUBMISSION and DOMINATION. They will illustrate these forms of behaviour from different perspectives using different languages. A specialist psychiatrist, together with other experts in these practices, will set out the theoretical side. In addition, the night will include fictional moments illustrating the condition of master and slave that aim to appeal to participants' imagination and invite them to experiment with these kinds of fantasies. Throughout the night, the public can choose to explore submission or domination – each participant makes their own choice. The presenters simply provide the tools and environment to allow participants' emotions to temporarily pervert their everyday routines.

Masu Fajardo
21 and 22 July, 10 pm - La Poderosa / Canar-In
Espacio Triple Sonoro

This research project will continue throughout June and July with creative residencies arranged with Can Fabra and L'animal a l'esquena.
In parallel to these two Comfortable Spaces, we have also arranged two internal meetings:

Meeting of Structures
8-10 July - L'animal a l'esquena
Back in July 2006 we organised a meeting with a series of artists and cultural managers, who shared La Porta's philosophy, to consider their vision on a series of internal questions that concerned us and which helped us define the aims and contents of our platform's projects.
This year we have further developed this initiative by opening up the meeting to a series of independent structures that also work within the dance sector and in our same territory. Structures with quite similar or parallel lines of action and who are largely mapping the present and the future in our surrounding. The event was managed from our office in close collaboration with La Caldera and L'animal a l'esquena and aimed to open up an effective communication space to facilitate interaction and develop common strategies. The idea is to continue with this in future meetings.
The structures that took part included La Caldera, La Poderosa, La Mekánica, l'Animal a l'esquena, Tensdansa, Cèl•lula, Areatangent, La Porta, Nu2s/IDN and APDC.

Apartment project
We are currently organising another meeting in Barcelona with people involved in national and international structures (RE_AL from Lisbon, In-presentable from Madrid and Workspace Brussels) to develop a joint collaboration project launched by La Porta to promote the flow of artists and ideas between countries. Although still at an early stage, the project aims to play a role in helping integrate our artists in international currents of thought and distribution circuits. By setting up connective dynamics with clearly artistic leanings and supporting and backing creators' work processes, it serves to complement the LP Festival.