WORKSHOP Real Time Composition

Oriented by Joao Fiadeiro, Cláudia Dias and Arnold Haberl

Workshop Description:

There are already a great number of prescriptions that are prescribed in our memory and in our culture. All the names are already preprogrammed. It's already the names that inhibit our ability to ever really improvise. One can't say what ever one wants; one is obliged more or less to reproduce the stereotypical discourse. And so I believe in improvisation and I fight for improvisation. But always with the belief that it's impossible. And there where there is improvisation I am not able to see myself. I am blind to myself. And it's what I will see, no, I won't see it. It's for others to see.

Jacques Derrida, Unpublished interview, 1982

Since 1997, we had in our regular classes and workshops of real time composition dancers, actors, visual artists, people interested in thinking about (and for) the body, people interested in confronting their own methods of work with new perspectives of composition and improvisation, people that were basically curious about it…this complex mixture of different interests and rhythms is one of the strong characteristics of these meetings: to share a practice without the ambition of creating a school, but of stimulating the confrontation and the intersection of thoughts.


Registration period: from July 21th to Agost 14th.

Workshop price: 120€

If you are interested, email to with a short CV and motivation letter. We'll make a selection of the candidates and the final result will be announced by email.

To make the registration effective and reserve your place, it will be essential to credit with 60€ the account:
La Caixa 2100 3282 68 2200149798 (with your name + workshop CTR as reference)    


From September 29th to October 3rd - 3p.m to 8p.m - at La Caldera