While We Were Holding It Together

Ivana Müller creates works that are simultaneously poetic and scientific, philosophical and humorous, intimate and political. Her recent productions explore forms of self-invention and storytelling, frequently working on the boundary between fiction and reality.

While We Were Holding it Together negotiates the relationships between the imaginary and the physical, the personal and the collective, the position of the audience and that of the performer. Its images are in a process of becoming, always changing, depending on who is looking: is it a rock band on tour? a picnic in the forest? a hotel room in Bangkok? We look, imagine and reinvent, while searching for what is hidden and what we would like to see. Continuously provoking shifts in perception and sense, While We where Holding It Together stages the conflict between the body and its representation. A disturbing, moving and genuinely funny experience.


14 de marzo, 22h
15 de marzo, 21h

66 minutos

Concept, choreography and texts: Ivana Müller
Performance and texts: Katja Dreyer, Pere Faura, Anne Lenglet, Jobst Schnibbe, Jefta Van Dinther
Artistic assistance and texts: Bill Aitchison
Sound design: Steve Heather
Lights and technitian: Martin Eberlein
Production: Dorothea Sinnema
Manager: Inge Koks
Produced by LISA in co-production with Sophiensaele Berlin, Productiehuis Rotterdam/Rotterdamse Schouwburg y Dubbelspel (STUK Kunstencentrum Leuven y 30CC)
With the support of  Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten y Mondriaan Stichting

* This presentation was made possible thanks to the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Spain