When I actually think about love

When I actually think about love - Arifwaran Shaharuddin
When I actually think about love - Arifwaran Shaharuddin

Thoughts on When I actually think about love

When the idea was first proposed to me about creating this platform of exhibiting artworks concerning dance to be feature for the internet, I of course jumped to the opportunity mainly because this was something that has been swimming in my head for quite some time, though my position were about the very failure of the stage and the intellectual distancing from the conventionality of live performance and moving away from the very inescapable economic force. Then how do one comprehend creation if the stage cease to exist, the proposal was exciting and nonetheless parallel to what I am facing in the arts, of course I do realize the extremities of my position concerning live performances and breaking this circle of  product orientated representation that artist like myself do go through. Of course then I am faced with the very challenges of proving this very point, and I believe this work is one of the step I am taking in understanding my very consciousness in this particular issue.

So, when these parallel of thoughts concerning the idea of a platform other than the stage emerge and realized, I find myself pondering the parallel, and looking at the separations and the degree of my thoughts and that of La Porta, and hence this video comes about to crystallize this very idea, between dance and its interaction in the public space, between the mediocrity of life and the performative human being, between imitation and the extend of an imagine state of mind, and lastly how this chance encounter is nothing more than a clash of narrative, between life and how art tend to imitate rather than functioning as an extension.

I applaud La Porta in this unconventional endeavour.


A video by: Arifwaran Shaharuddin 

Special thanks to: Sarah Maiorino