Wakefield Poole: Visiones y Revisiones

Mauricio González

Wakefield Poole is the name of one of the American dancers that joined the Ballets Russes de Montecarlo, and who was also a porno gay filmmaker.

In Visiones y revisiones I establish a comparative study between two works the dancer-filmmaker knows quite well. On one hand, the second act of Swam Lake, that Wakefield danced on many occasions while he work for the Ballets Russes, and on the other hand his fist film from 1971, a landmark of the gay pornographic film.

The title Visions and revisions synthesizes the proposal. Vision as the ability to see but also as an imaginary perception sensed as real. Revision as the act of looking at the detail and in detail at something.

The gaze is always something individual. Through this performance-conference I share (with the audience) my vision as dancer (choreographic vision) about those two works which identify me.

♦ You can follow this show on 10th of March in streaming in TV-TRON.

10th and 11th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Length: 50 min

Creation and performance: Mauricio González
Lighting: Ana Rovira
Video editing: Chemi Ferreiro, Mauricio González
With the collaboration of: Conservatorio de la Gomera, A ras de suelo las Palmas 2010, espacios cómodos'10 – La Porta, Beatriz Preciado, Canarias CREA