(In) Visible Sub-Artificial

(In) Visible Sub-Artificial - Fran Blanes
(In) Visible Sub-Artificial - Fran Blanes

Is it possible to be invisible nowadays?

Answering to this invitation I have developed an installation site-specific taking the shape of a video-performance in relation to the theme “open screen”.

I’ll try to work specially on concepts such as transparency, the (in)possibility of (in)visibility in the present world. All within a performative action that will mix technological formats and notions of time-space in different screens.


My work (de)centralizes itself in the limits between performance and visual arts, there about the margins of periphery. I use sutil humor, I work in the real space, trying to blure the lines of the political spehere, between public and private through the use of the absurd.

The task is clear. I do not always succeed.

Idea and direction: Franes (Fran Blanes)