Untitled (dogs)

Vladimir Miller

A string quartet was playing live for the three dogs while they were recorded on camera. Now the situation has changed: the reproduced shifts of their attention and behaviour formulate a new event on the intersection with what is presented in the space. Domestic dogs, as a product of both nature and culture, obliterate the modern difference between those two realms. Their attention to sound and their animal reasoning with it shift along the lines of perception and obedience.

Their reaction (and the illusion of their perception of the event here) points to the unresolved and irresolvable questions of what is form and what is noise, what is a product of culture and how does it mark its margins that distinguish it from its background? How do we agree on what to watch?

♦ You can follow this show on 4th of March in streaming in TV-TRON.

4th and 5th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Loop: 20 min

With the participation of Quartet Plus 1