Solo for Alessandro

Why not just one story but a hundred, a thousand stories? Because there is no longer anything to simulate and frame, and instead, as widely, meticulously and quickly as possible, we have to go beyond narration and the memory of it, which runs from horror to humour, from the verification of the repetitive nature of death to a mystic state, from the biological to the metaphysically, without forgetting, cabalistically, derision, obscenity and, obviously, the tragic

-Philippe Sollers-, Paradis, Editions du Seuil, 1981

Struck by sudden inspiration, a dancer in a critical creative moment allows himself to be transported by a dialogue among three Shakespearean characters. Through his body language and the intensity of his identity, he embodies the tragic dialogue to the last, in a struggle between the impotence of his efforts and the need to capture the audience. Alessandro Bernardeschi embodies tragedy. Caterina Sagna a nervous dance for him, a battle against obsessions.

Transgedy is a transaction between various tragedies. Our working material is a summary of various works from across the ocean, from England to be precise (Shakespeare), creating a kind of agreement between them that includes neither scruples nor guilt. A figure is born, as in a trance, and is transfigured by allowing transitory characters to transit through him, identifying with them to the extreme, transubstantial to any stimulus. Transference occurs through transitions, and it is transitive that Alessandro be transited by characters of both sexes without ever appearing transsexual. A transitory solo, only 25 minutes long, in which the performer gives himself over generously and totally to a transversal transsexual transit between being and appearing to be. Translucent in the paths of emotions and tragic in his life sacrifice to the pre-eminently transitable place: the theatre.

Choreography: Caterina Sagna
Performer: Alessandro Bernardeschi
General Co-ordination: Philippe Gladieux
Production: Vif du sujet / SACD / Festival d'Avignon 2001
Executive production: Associazione Compagnia Caterina Sagna