Todos los buenos espías tienen mi edad

Todos los buenos espías tienen mi edad invites us to share what goes on before, during and after the production of a show - all at the same time.  The present is in the future and in the past.  It asks the audience to spy on the intervals between the moment that ideas for a choreography emerge, and the choreography of these ideas.

Are the processes of identification implicit in live performances necessary? Actions emphasise the relationship between the processes of writing and reading a work. The audience is thrown into a galaxy of hallucinations, the world of dreams, the space of the imagination...or do we come into intimate contact with the choreographer in thinking and the mind?

The mechanism seems to create distance but, in the end, we feel like we are making love with the thoughts of the artists, with ourselves, with both at the same time.  Is it him?
Is it you? Is it me? We spy and we are spied on in a space where small, insignificant, innocent and simple things have as much value as that which is supposedly important. The performance focuses on the process by which ideas are transformed.

-Anne Passant-

Conceived and performed by:  Juan Domínguez

Artistic assistant: Cuqui Jerez

Make-up and special effets:  Pedro R. de Diego & Irene Puche.

co-produced by Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini (Valenciennes, France), the Madrid autonomous community government's Minstry of Arts and Cuqui Jerez. With the support of Xavier Leroy, In Situ productions. This piece was part of Projeto 5 (p5), supported by:  Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, Podewil (Berlin), Vooruit (Gent) and Stuk (Lovaina).