Tableau vivant: "This is not a satanic ceremony. There will be cake and Chiclanero porridge"


On October 6th, beginning at 6 pm, six hours of lo raro es que estemos vivos.  Come and go as you please.

This is another stop along the way I started when I was comissioned by La Porta to present a performance for the Sweet Benefic program, activity realized for the opening of La Porta___Casa, in late 2010. The continuation of this work was renamed as aquí gloria y después paz after. lo raro es que estemos vivos is the second chapter of this performance, this time as a tableau vivant.

This piece will contain different episodes: "anatomophysiology lesson", "standstill dancing", "I am hungry, but I do not want a menu", "minstrel", "the endlessness of everything or brief tutorial to learn myself to enjoy everything," "hunting exercises", "the frying pan handle function", and many others which are currently unnamed or which doesn't exist yet.


October 6th/  6- 12 p.m
La Porta__casa
(C/ Sant Germà, 5 - 3º)

Author and performer: Patricia Caballero