Barcelona/Canary Islands (2007)

Sonido is part of a series of works in which the choreographer Carmelo Salazar investigates, through the joint exhibition of various recordings, the possibility of a choreographic writing that goes beyond the body. Started in 2004, Sonido is a performance for video cameras in which five separate edits are screened simultaneously, showing the multiplicity of shots and the probabilities of change contained in a single theme or set of movements.

Self-recording and editing:  Carmelo Salazar
Editing technician: Roger La Puente
Soundtrack: Jeremie Foudral and Rubén Ramos
Produced by: Carmelo Salazar with the support of El Hueco, La Porta and the Departament de Cultura-Generalitat de Catalunya
Acknowledgements: Elena Albert, Feremie Foudral, Bea Fernández, Carmelo Fernández, Sergi Fäustino
Duration: 22 min