Solo a ciegas (con lágrimas azules)

Olga Mesa has built this solo on the basis of an intimate, private listening, abandoning her body to a practice of impulses and desires. An invented tango-poem, rooted in the memory of her grandfather Antón the Argentinean, extendable to a collective memory of fragmented stories. Perhaps it is A ciegas (Blind) because her gaze wants to return to her body through an intuitive, (non)visible practice engaged with the performance space. She continues to search, somewhat obsessively, for transitional, suspended, abandoned passages in which to situate the body as an uncertain interval of the possible. The new presence she offers us is indirect and autonomous in relation to the spectator's gaze, creating an emergent system of secret codes through the sound and visual spaces of the piece.

In Olga Mesa's 'blind dance', imaginary touch is the only sense through which a direct link between artist and audience is possible.
José A. Sánchez

Olga Mesa also presents in the frame of LP'09 the video-installation labOfilm/1.

12th and 13th of March, 22h

70 minutes

Concept, performance, laboFilm and Lighting Concept: Olga Mesa
Sound captures, editing and broadcast: Jonathan Merlin
Enunciated texts from: Olga Mesa, Pasolini, Horacio Ferrer, Robert Walser
Off Voice: Sara Vaz
Musics (exerts): Jason Kahn, Puccini, Piazzolla-Saeki, Celedonio E. Flores and Julio Sosa
Video editing: Matthieu Holler
Lighting concept collaboration: Isabelle Fuchs
Technical director an Lighting concept collaboration: Christophe Lefèbre
Tango coaching: Manuel Sánchez Carabel El Camaleón
Photography: Benedicte Zanon and Paolo Cesar
Production and administration: Isabelle Fuchs
Production: Cie. Olga Mesa/Association Hors Champ - Fuera de Campo
Co-production: Culturgest Lisbon (Portugal), CCN de Tours (France), Espaço do Tempo Montemor-o-Novo (Portugal), École Municipale de Danse de Strasbourg (France), DRAC Alsace, CCC of the Strasboug City Council
Thanks to: Gil Mendo y el equipo de Culturgest, Yannick-Kergreis-Chabaud, Richard Caquelin, Sandrine Fuchs, Jean-Xavier Coudry, Yvan Etienne, Bernardo Montet and the team of the CNN Tours, Rui Horta and the team of Espaço do Tempo, Béatrice José, Helene Guerin ant the team of FRAC Lorraine, Bénédicte Zanon, Jean Gabriel Pierrot, Sara Vaz, Miguel and  Mónica Valenciano