- sin título - Untitled (1)

- sin título - Untitled (1) - Nicola Unger
- sin título - Untitled (1) - Nicola Unger

- sin título - (untitled) is a series of pieces that Nicola Unger is developing around 'Seeing'.
She takes loose inspiration in experiments with optical illusions and baroque stage design.

What does central perspective do with us?
How can projections alter our experience of space, our feeling of distance and nearness?

For La Porta's – Untitled (1) – Nicola worked with a small model and projections.
The next versions will be executed in big scale.
Untitled (2) will be shown January 2012 at the HAU in Berlin;
Untitled (3) in February 2012 at the Productiehuis Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

Untitled (1) presented in November 2011:



Nicola Unger used the pantalla abierta (open screen) of Sobrenatural for a research into “seeing”. The research will be based in classical scientific experiments around optical illusions and the trickery of the eye. Can those experiments be used for the theatre - and how? 

And can modern research be combined with the aesthetics of baroc and renaissance theatre - when mechanical inventions and the knowledge of central perspective enriched the stage design?

How can I make use of the pantalla abierta:

‘In this chapter we shall play bureaucracy. Two teams are playing: Mystery (art) versus Ministry. Mystery fabricates objects and hides them. If Ministry finds them, they yell ‘Prototype’, put them into massproduction and score a point. […] The very nature of Mystery (art) changed in the 20th century. Instead of discretion it now prefers public exhibition, and indeed it never risks even that without clarifying everything beforehand; there is no longer a shadow zone where the mysterious players can marshall their forces and practice their moves.’ 

Raoul Ruiz - Poetics of Cinema

Video edit, animations: Nicola Unger

French horn: Harald 'Sack' Ziegler

Thanks to: La Porta, De Player Rotterdam, Cecilia Vallejos, Paul Perry