Side inserts in a common surface

Video recordings of the process

Side inserts in a common surface is a movement research project developed from October to December 2005. During the process I've tried to get closer to the everyday, quotidian body, the language that allows me to activate myself and speak. I've done this by using the architectural presence of physical structures, placing them in different surroundings and questioning the degree to which it is possible/impossible to name things. 

The use of video to record the experiences, as a form of separation of the experience itself, was part of the proposal from the start.  These video recordings are the notes for side inserts in a common surface.

A project by Elena Albert with the collaboration of Iñigo Yoldi.

Funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya.  With the collaboration of Les Golfes de Can Fabra-Factoria d'Arts Escèniques.