Serie inacabada

I try to give a certain autonomy and protagonism to some objects; to observe the power of change and movement that exists in everything; to check, over and over, that one thing more an another is converted for sure in a new thing. At this point a series arises, unfinished and entitled for the moment, of small pieces that emerge when contemplating the relation that makes a fan with other bodies, both alive and inert.

Creation: Patricia Caballero

Critic and artistic coaching: João Fiadeiro and David-Alexander Geniot

With the suport of: Espacios Cómodos'09, La Porta (with the collaboration of Atelier - Resident artist La Caldera 2010 - Devir/Capa

Thanks to: David Mallols, María García, Oscar Dasí, Lucia Pietrelli and Rui Catalão