SELF -24h performance laboratory

Antoni Karwowski

A 24h occupation of the space from La Porta. Integrating different activities where participants with the help of body, gesture, sound and certain chosen requisites will create in an opened or closed space a kind of message - communicue, in a style close to performance art.

Analysis of the genotype as energy, potency, emotion. Starting the process of creation: energy Body / energy materials / energy structures / energy processes / simultaneity of processes / transgression.

♦ Antoni Karwowski will present three other proposals within LP'11: the lecture Because milk is nothing more… than perfectly digested blood + la performance Horizon 2 the 8th of March at 19h at La Porta, the performance Standing at the end of white line the 13th of March at 20h at the CCCB and the workshop Genotype-source-genotype from the 9th till the 1th of March at La Porta.

15th of March from 10h on    
La Porta (open for audience)