Screening Programme

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Screening Programme: screening of selected and annotated materials by Lois Keidan, with documentation about performance and pieces of artists specially designed for camera, reflecting the diversity of Live Art practice in the UK today. With:

Joshua Sofaer, Talking Head (2007) /

Kira O’Reilly, Wet Cup (2000) /

Harminder Singh Judge, Live Sermon and Talking Head (2007) /

Franko B, I Miss You! (2003) /

Mad For Real, Soya Sauce and Ketchup Fight (2000) /

Laboratory Of Insurrectionary ImaginationCompilation (2004) /

Anne Bean, Compilation (2000 – 2007)  /

Leibniz, The Book of Blood (2006) /

Aaron Williamson, Lives of the Saints (2000 – 2001) /

Blast Theory, Can You See Me Now (2005) /

Stacy Makishi, You Are Here, But Where Am I? (2006) and Talking Head /

Geraldine Pilgrim, Slideshow (2000 – 2007) /

Forced Entertainment, 12am Awake and Looking Down (2003)  /

FrenchMottershead, Shops (2007) and Talking Head /

Ansuman Biswas and Jem Finer, Zero Geni (2008)  /

Howard MatthewBlip (Liverpool, 2004) /


Documentation Bank and Sreening Progammes

The Agency maintains a Documentation Bank consisting of an extensive range of artists’ Talking Heads films and Documentation of artists' works. The Talking Heads are short presentations by artists to camera about their practice and approaches to making. Most artists have approached the notion of a 'talking head' in inventive ways resulting in engaging and insightful artworks.

The artists represented in the Documentation Bank cover a wide range of practices and ideas that represent contemporary Live Art practices; from body-based performance works, site-specific projects through to experimental theatre, event culture, installations and socially engaged practices, to name a few.

The Agency curates and produces bespoke screening programmes from the Documentation Bank for presentation in exhibitions, theatrical screening contexts and for festivals, in close collaboration with national and international presenters and partners. Screenings can be tailored to address specific curatorial approaches and artistic concerns about and around Live Art and Performance practices, and form part of the Agency's ongoing international programme: Live Art Unpacked and there have been presented, besides United Kingdom, in countries like Ireland, USA, Australia, India, Korea, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland or Taiwan.

Saturday 10th of December

7pm / CaixaForum

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