Rubén Santiago

Through a series of self-performed actions or through symbolic recordings with objects, Rubén Santiago talks about the human condition, the fragility of man and the vulnerability of man's connections with himself and others, easefully applying his ironic, direct and deep, emotional and cerebral vision, which questions collective consensus through small gestures that refer to big truths.

Collective, 2005, 3'33''
Monogamy outdooors, 2005, 2'24''
Future, 2005, 3'03''
Statement #0 - Tirar la casa por la ventana, 2005, 2'33''
Daily, 2006, 2'41''
Stairs, 2008, 3'33'' (premiere)

Saturday 7 - 12h45 and 19h15
Sunday 8 -  13h15 and 15h30
Wednesday 11 - 22h15