Restos de mis series

Bea Fernández

Restos de mis series is part of a larger project, Tres Personas, todos los cuerpos that I have been developing for the past three years and which on this occasion is taking the shape of a fragment/version.

The general Project has emerged out of my interest on sharing my experience as interpreter with other performers; out of an interest on deepening on certain issues that usually remain on a second or hidden plane, when talking about performance or dance making. My first intuitions concerning this project pointed to a need of revision, of recalling through the body my own trajectory as a performer.

I am many bodies, as many as I have danced. I'm small bits of others bodies, I'm the remains of those bodies that stayed attached to me and their future versions, their memories contaminated by the present. Making this exercise lead me to reflect on questions such as the versions of oneself, the learned bodies, the invaded body, the purity or the promiscuity of the dancer's body as memory, as remains.

When working with memory the autobiographical appears as a working tool, the idea of confession as a shared intimacy with the spectator and the curricular or chronological professional trajectory emerges a s a journey or even as a song.

I'm interested in the role of the interpreter/performer, as performance material, as experience, as the subject of the act of process-presentation-representation, and looking at it from the perspective of the body, as live archive, as imprint.
Bea Fernández

♦ See also: Los que se ven entre sí (film/documental) , belonging to the same project that will be presented at the CCCB the 13th of March at 20h.

♦ You can follow this show on 4th of March in streaming in TV-TRON.

[The global project Tres Personas, todos los cuerpos, has received the support of: Entitat Autònoma de Difusió Cultural (Generalitat de Catalunya), Institut de Cultura de Barcelona (Ajuntament de Barcelona), Institut Ramon Llull, Canarias CREA.
With the collaboration of: La Poderosa (Barcelona), espacios cómodos'09 - La Porta, La Caldera (Barcelona), Las Fernández (Barcelona), Cel·lula Pontós (Girona), L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà), Residencies program of  DAT/ETC (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Ca l'Estruch (Sabadell).]

4th and 5th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Length: 25 min

Conceived and performed by: Bea Fernández
Artistic assistance: Carmelo Salazar
Produced by: Las Santas