Penwald: 2: 8 circles

Tony Orrico

Performance art can be any situation that involves four basic elements: time, space, the performer's body, and a relationship between performer and audience. Tony Orrico's thought-provoking performance explores concepts of movement and drawing. Using the dimensions of his body as measure, Orrico references geometry, biomechanics, endurance, and ideas represented by da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. His performance challenges constructed ideas about what constitutes art and where it can be seen.

Orrico's Penwald Drawings are an evolving series of bilateral drawings in which he explores the use of his body as a tool of measurement to inscribe geometries through movement and course.  The master of each drawing is a conceptual arrangement of Orrico's efficacious techniques, imposed variables, and specified durations and/or objectives.  He explores the limitation of (or the spontaneous navigation within) the sphere of his outstretched arms considering themes of repetition, locomotion, refraction, and eventual exhaustion.  He performs his ideas live as a shared process that yields a unique impression or print of the original concept.

♦ See also: Penwald: 3: circle on knees,  belonging to the same series of works by Tony Orrico, that will take place the 10th of March at 20h, at the CCCB.

6th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Duration: 50 min

Performer: Tony Orrico
Production Manager: Melinda Myers
Photography: Michael Hart