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In engineering, pandeo (buckling) is a phenomenon of elastic instability that can occur when slender elements are subjected to compressive stress, manifesting as a notable shift towards the principal direction of compression on a horizontal axis.

This curated program, the result of a long history of dialectic exchange and complicity with LP, arises from an interest in recovering visual products that, while not directly connected to the performing arts, entail areas of thematic and conceptual intersection - lines of force based on shared vectors that point towards new artists and dimensions of creativity.

This selection of videos offers a journey through the bending, torsions and distortions of different ways of representing the body and its relationship to space-time and to objects, based on the narrative tempo and visual formalisation of the works. The works are positioned in the semantic surroundings of the body. Their core theme isn't a direct or intentional exploration of the construction of the body, but they lean on the body as a compositional, structural axis, as a tool for activation.

Alex Brahim is an art curator who moves between cultural management, production, programming and communication. His work emphasises cultural codes and their critical spaces of negotiation.

Saturday 7th of March, from 12 to 20h

12h00 - Annika Larsson
12h45 - Rubén Santiago 
13h15 - Aggtelek
14h00 - Alejandro Vidal
15h45 - Annika Larsson
16h30 - Rubén Santiago
17h00 - Aggtelek
17h45 - Alejandro Vidal
18h30 - Annika Larsson
19h15 - Rubén Santiago

Sunday 8th of March, from 12 to17h

12h00 - Annika Larsson
12h45 - Rubén Santiago
13h15 - Aggtelek
14h00 - Alejandro Vidal
14h45 - Annika Larsson
15h30 - Rubén Santiago
16h00 - Aggtelek
16h45 - Alejandro Vidal

Tuesday 10th of March, 22h15: Monogràfico de Annika Larsson

Wednesday 11th of March, 22h15: Monographic of Rubén Santiago

Thursday 12th of March, 21h15: Monographic of Alejandro Vidal

Friday 13 de marzo, 21h15: Monographic of Aggtelek

7th March, from 12 to 20h
8th March, from 12 to 17h
10th and 11th March, 22h15
12th and 13th March, 21h15
CCCB Auditori

Four visual artists' monograph:
Annika Larsson, Rubén Santiago, Alejandro Vidal and Aggtelek

Curator: Alex Brahim