Open conversation with Heine R. Avdal, Christoph De Boeck / deepblue and Paula Caspao

The second conversation of this cycle will be centred on the works of deepblue, without doubt one of the most influent and innovative collectives from the current European scene. To this conversation we have invited Heine Rosdal  Avdal and  Christoph De Boeck, from deepblue and Paula Caspao, writer and researcher on current choreographic performance. In deepblue's works the classical idea of author (as a unique, self-sufficient and authoritarian roll) is questioned and diluted in a more fluid, expanded and multiple body. They are interested on creating a balance between the human and technological ways of communication, on the opposition between organicity and artificiality.

Recommended readings:

Corpografias: dar la palabra al cuerpo, by Jordi Planella

The body in the expanded field: perception, collective and image in Heine Avdal and Deep Blue  by André Lepecki