Nits Salvatges - 4th edition

This is not the conquest of the American West, neither the race to the South Pole, nor the first man on the Moon. It is a different kind of space exploration, another kind of Páramo.
Nits Salvatges is a research project that invites different artists to visit residual or tangential environments that open up new lines of investigation within their own personal evolution.

8 new experiences by: Vera Mantero, Angélica Liddell, Juan Navarro, Mauricio González, Roger Bernat, Félix Fernández, Alejandra Pombo, Teo Baró.

6th  March

Learning How to Weave de Vera Mantero

Vera Mantero, Lisboa
Vera Mantero is a dancer, choreographer and one of the most internationally acclaimed representatives of Portugal's nova dança. A tireless explorer of the poetics of the questioning body, she believes in the fusion of disciplines and in the performer as somebody dedicated to the whole range of the performing arts.

Venecia de Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell, Madrid
Angélica Liddell's extensive output as a writer (fiction, poetry, theatre), her overpowering presence as a performer, together with the critical intensity that all her texts, actions and mis-en-scenes exude, are defining elements of one of Spain's most committed and disturbing professional careers, which has also been unusually well-recognised by multiple national awards.

El Impossible. Cápitulo 2, La Comunidad de Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro, Barcelona
Juan Navarro has regularly collaborated as a performer with artists like Rodrigo García, Roger Bernat and La Fura dels Baus. His forays into film haven't prevented him from developing his own projects – live pieces that seek to recover the festive spirit of theatre performance and connect to its cathartic power. For Nits Salvatges, Juan collaborates with Raúl del Alba in the realization of the Sound enviroment

Ballet Blanco de Mauricio González

Mauricio González, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
His classical dance training and professional experience allow Mauricio González to express the universe and iconography of romantic ballets with total ease and familiarity, in works that are also full of absolutely contemporary irony and poetics.

7th  March

Pura coincidència de Roger Bernat

Roger Bernat, Barcelona
Roger Bernat is an indisciplinary dramaturge and stage director who has adopted lightness, humour and apparent triviality as his weapons of resistance. Wielding these weapons to confront a series of impossible situations, including ubiquity, has led him to practice a portable kind of theatre that renounces any claim to represent reality.

Turbodriver de Félix Fernández

Félix Fernández, Lugo
A visual artist and performer, Félix Fernández uses his body as the basic element for his work. His pieces are like sociological documents in which he expresses the need to parody reality in order to verge upon subversion and question everything that surrounds us, examining every image as a strategy for unmasking the moral ambivalence of communication, and to oppose the imposed.

Con pájaros en la cabeza no hay quién te derribe de Alejandra Pombo

Alejandra Pombo Suárez, Santiago de Compostela
Alejandra Pombo Suárez is a dancer, performer and researcher who has shown a notable tendency towards escapism since the time she ate a mango in a Portuguese contemporary art space. /

El trabajo de artista: Otro Sábado Noche de Teo Baró

Teo Baró, Barcelona
Teo Baró is a visual artist and performer whose projects, involving a clear autobiographical engagement, combine textual and visual materials to the piped music of his own private soundtrack. A traveller with a diplomatic passport that allows him to cross, freely (and ironically), back and forth from the private to the public spheres.

8 de marzo, 16.30h
CCCB Sala Mirador

Café Sauvage
Meeting the artists of Nits Salvatges

6th and 7th of March, 21h

2 hours approx.

* this edition of Nits Salvatges was made possible thanks to the support of Obra Social Caixa Sabadell