...and a flock of wild ducks broke into agitated flight, stirring up the air on that limpid morning, burning with light and colour... and, throwing the window wide open, seized by a wave of jubilation and passion, face illuminated and body slit open from a night of love, devastating love that she'd just lived, she decided to celebrate by skipping her strict diet and eating, for once, whatever she felt like for breakfast...

Matrioshka is a non-linear visual narration made up of sequences in transformation. Everything remains suspended in the air, raising more questions than answers for the audience and the performer herself; subjects for exhibition and conversation. 

Fragmentation as a narrative form, the absence of logical links and ambiguity are the constant elements, which generate few facts and suggest many possibilities. It is impossible to interpret logically.  Meaning is defined in each person watching, in their own space of resonance. A movement from the unconscious to the conscious, from form to background. 

Excuses to show oneself, to be, to try love.

director and performer: Amalia Fernández

audience performers: Katherine Sardella, Alfredo Cáliz

music: Andy Chango, Brothers Johnson

stage design: Amalia Fernández

costumes: Amparo Sánchez

lighting: María Güell

photography: Teresa Serigó

graphic design: Andrés Martinez

production: El Bailadero, Nines Martín

with the collaboration of: Caja Madrid, Aula de Danza de Alcalá de Henares

acknowledgements: El Bailadero co., Mónica Valenciano, Juan Domínguez, Cathy and Alfredo, Estela, Teresa, Nines, my family and my other family.