Materia potencia, fantasmas

Matter and Potentiality have always been the phantoms of Western metaphysics. Science, progress and logic have always been based on the elimination of all ambiguity. This dance performance explores a kind of ambiguity and vagueness that doesn't assume that there is a correct way of understanding things. It doesn't want to be known, but unknown, imminent, treacherous, disappointing any expectations. But also to be multiple, beyond saturation, to find ways of specifying the imprecise, leading us into a universe of pure potentiality.

In our performative strategy, we try not to transmit where we come from and where we are going with the movement. We want audiences to concentrate on the surface and the process, to see the piece as a reality that doesn't reveal its secrets through words, but through physicality and actual presence.

Norberto Llopis also presents in the frame of LP'09 the performance Tendency.

12th of March, 20h

60 minutes

Choreography: Norberto Llopis Segarra
Performance: Kyung Sun Baek, Mari Matre Larsen, Jasmina Krizaj, Norberto Llopis Segarra
Lights: Ana Rovira
Photo for LP'09: Maud Bernos
Photography: Rodrigo Pardo
Advises: Pieter T'jonck, Barbara Van Lindt, Jeroen Fabius, Georg Weinand
Production: DasArts

* This presentation was made possible thanks to the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Spain