The Many Headed Monster

The audience of contemporary performance.

Reading of the lecture by Lurdes Fernández (Off Limits – Madrid)


The Many Headed Monster is an original and inventive resource for anyone interested in contemporary performance practices and their relationships with audiences.

Across a range of artistic disciplines, artists are dealing with audiences in innovative and creative ways, placing the audience at the heart of their work. The Many Headed Monster is a critical and practical resource investigating what is at stake for audiences today when they attend a live event.

The Many Headed Monster is a boxed set containing a lecture complete with presentation instructions, extended notes and author’s commentaries, a dvd of 22 performance works / extracts by leading UK and international artists, and 50 full colour image cards.

The Many Headed Monster has been specifically designed with further and higher education in mind and has been conceived and created as a tool kit that can be used as:

- a one hour illustrated lecture suitable for A Level, BA, MA and PhD students and/or practicing artists

- a resource to undertake personal research

- a template to generate short workshop and seminar programmes 

- a foundation for an entire teaching module

For WALA! La Porta has translated the lecture text and it will be available on our website.