Los que se ven entre sí (from the project Mis series)

Bea Fernández

The project Mis series begins with a series of interviews in which dancers and actors were asked to talk about their experiences as performers and the act of performing. Selected excerpts from the interview footage will eventually be presented as parallel discourses in the context of live actions based on previous works that have left their mark on my professional career, and in which I position myself in terms of the same issues raised in the interviews.

LP'09 will present an offshoot of this framework project: Los que se ven entre sí, a laboratory/installation for generating an autonomous document based on the figure of the performer. The laboratory will be open to the public and visitors will be able to access these interviews, which weren't conceived for public screening, that contain essential information about the job that performers do, their experience, their physical memory, the role they play nowadays in the creation of a piece. About the body as a living archive of the work it has performed. 

Laboratory / installation

8th March, from 12 to 19h
from the 9th to the 13th March, from 15 to 19h

Concept and direction: Bea Fernández
Camara editing: Elena Albert
Carried out by: Bea Fernández nd Elena Albert
Production: Las Santas
Supports and residencies: El Hueco, Encuentros en Magalia, Cèl·lula Pontós, La Porta - espacio cómodo'08
Thanks to all those interviewed (up to this moment):  Mònica Muntaner, Natali Labiano, África Navarro, Rosa Muñoz, Gema Díaz, Carme Torrent, Lola Jiménez, Montse Penela, Raquel Sánchez, Sofía Asencio, Jesús Barranco, Jorge Lastra