Los que se ven entre sí (film/documental)

Bea Fernández

An audiovisual document generated from the conversations with sixteen interpreters from different areas of the current performance scene. This document establishes relations between their the different perspectives concerning the figure of the interpreter and their relationship with the performative practice, the author, the work, the stage and the audience. There they talk about the current meaning of the imprints remaining from past works and the use of them as well as of other influences in the present processes of art making. 

A document that proposes a close up to that other gaze (more internal?), the one of of the interpret, gathering different experiences and questions around creation and stage work.

♦ See also: Restos de mis series by Bea Fernández. 4th and 5th of March at 20h at the CCCB.

Thanks to all those interviewed: Africa Navarro, Natali Labiano, Carme Torrent, Gema Díaz, Mercè Recacha, Mònica Muntaner, Sílvia Sant Funk, Jordi Casanovas, Norberto Llopis, Mauricio González, Jesús Barranco, Raquel Sánchez, Amalia Fernández, Lola Giménez, Monse Penela, Sofía Asencio.

13th of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Length: 1h 10 min

Idea and direction: Bea Fernández
Camera and edition: Elena Albert
Realization: Bea Fernández and Elena Albert
Production: Las Santas
Supports and residencies: El Hueco, Encuentros en Magalia, Cèl·lula Pontós, La Porta - espacio cómodo'08