Loft Stories

Based on the book The perfect crime of Baudrillard, which treats on the banality of what is daily in the society.

I think that we have replaced the historical and ideological dimension by the absolute banality. Heidegger said that the precipice that the man will not be redeemed to from is the banality. We are there. Our object of contemplation and of desire is the daily banality: our sexual object is not the sex or the pornographic voyeurism, but the curiosity and the penetration in the shrine of the banality (Baudrillard).

The goal is to work observing daily situations at the street or at working places and afterwards to analyze them and to reconstruct them always looking for the metaphor and the other side of the situation.


For the creation of Loft Stories, Monica and Teresa will be in residency at La Porta's new space from November 22 to Dicember 5 2010.

A proyect by Monica Gomis

With the colaboration of Teresa Acevedo