Lo que sea moviéndose así

Paz Rojo

Lo que sea moviéndose así (whatever moving this way), that's to say, a... BODY:

     […] a treachery. Selling oneself out to the enemy. […] 'Body' is the name of the imposed limits.  […] This body is always the body of the others. […] A body, I dear to suspect, that runs away from its language.

Fran Ribera

Besides being treacherous, this body (whichever) senses some things:
That although this time a person is moving it, it turns out that she will not cease to do it as if it is one more thing-part-among many other things.
That she will not cease to ask herself how to reject the self-management of her presence.
That, do to this, she will be co(i)mplicated moving out from what she perceives and out from her sensible world, without the hope or desire to host the smallest possibility of being unique and stable.
That, without being similar to any particular body, she'll be similar to all in general.
That her movement won't be nothing else than a provisional gesture, noisily silent, irreverent out of pure amusement.
That with so much treachery, maybe it's convenience for it to fall into absolute madness, to go out of control, blind of speech; and to assume once and for all, that it is nothing more than an unmentionable desire.

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10th  and 11th  of March, 20h
CCCB, Hall

Length: 30 min

This time with Paz Rojo 
Commissioned by La Porta for the context of LP'11
Thanks to Emilio Tomé and Ricardo Santana