La Cosa

Amaia Urra

Warning! the following text is only a zoom of La Cosa (the thing), if you want to open the shot come to see it live.

One thing leads to another, antonym ≈  opposite ≈  antagonistic ≈  contradictory ≈  antithetical ≈ opposed ≈  different ≈ unlike ≈  incompatible ≈  discordant ≈  contrary ≈  hostile ≈  malevolent ≈  venomous ≈  malicious ≈  pernicious ≈  harmful ≈  bad ≈  immoral ≈  dishonest ≈  treacherous ≈  traitorous ≈  perfidious ≈  unfaithful ≈  disloyal ≈  untrue ≈  false ≈  inaccurate ≈  approximate ≈ similar ≈  interchangeable ≈  same ≈  resembling ≈  alike ≈  identical ≈ twin ≈ corresponding ≈  analogous ≈  equivalent ≈  synonym

According to the dictionary thing(cosa) is a word that names something one does not want, is unable, or lacks the need to name specifically. What is that thing?

My work as a solitary hunter in relation to this project places itself in a position that runs away from straight lines and hangs around as much as possible in the path and detours. The action plan is to begin by doing one thing and end doing another.

     Who has not experienced, when reading a book, to halt without interrupting the reading, not for lack of interest, but rather for rush of ideas, stimuli, associations? In short, Have you never found yourself reading a book raising your head?

Roland Barthes

The drift, dispersion, distraction and digression interest me from this point of view, I see them as motors. A drift, a detour, a diversion, a deviation, a derailment, a loss or to move away from the path can lead to unpredictable places.

I'm also obsessed with time, the passing of time, the time that passes and like Perec in An attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris, what happens when nothing happens besides time, people, cars and clouds. I'm interested on time as experience and in the most insignificant facts of life. To use as raw material the quotidian and ordinary rather than the extraordinary.

The word thing allows me to pass or go through the unknown before arriving to a defined place. Its nature of empty continent, always ready to become something else, helps me think in other ways. I believe that sometimes the lack of meaning is liberating.

The process of La Cosa has been similar to being in an open ground; a piece of land forgotten by the urban planners, without any predefined function, pure potentiality.

Amaia Urra

18th of March, 20h
La Porta

Length: 1 h.

A performance by Amaia Urra
Subsidied by: Eusko Jaularitza Dpto. Cultura Gobierno Vasco
With the support of Festival In-Presentable and Arteleku, Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia

Thanks to: François Hiffler, Cuqui Jerez, Blanca Calvo, Ion Munduate, Sandra cuesta, Larraitz Torres, Juan Domínguez.