Knochenblume - Flordehueso

How are you, right now?

More animal or more human?

What is the minimum you need that makes you choose to live?

In my projects I always try to understand and to free myself.

Sometimes, to understand does not mean to be told to how to see the world.

Knochenblume is an invitation for the  sight to become incarnate an inadequate sense of touch.

It is an invitation to taste the fruit of the moment.

Flordehueso is an invitation to caress inside the hollow of our skull.

Idea, choreography and direction: Estela Lloves
With the collaboration of: Geni Iglesias, Ixiar Rozas and Ana Buitrago
Light and  Sound: Antón Ferreiro, Thomas Toutain 
Musical landscape: Hada Carulus &Estela Ll.

With he suport of: Espacios cómodos'09 of La Porta, Residences at the space Azala(Vitoria) and Teatro Ensalle (Vigo).

La Cia Arraiana is member of DANESGA (Association of Galicia dance professionals)