It happened in Prairie du Chien, at exactly 7...

A video-piece with an equivocal title and a strong tendency to generate a huge variety  of misunderstandings.
A fragment of the story of my interest in exploring a certain sensation of narration - rather than telling stories.
A fragment of the story of my interest in operations of translation that don't concern foreign languages alone - rather than translating.
A series of somewhat botanic could-have-been stories, with strong aspirations to become whatever you want.
Most probably the storyboard of an overcrowded, stuttering mind sitting in a train.
A writer, dramaturge and researcher in contemporary performance and other fields, Paula Caspão likes navigating the relation between sensation, language, drama, politics, fiction and choreography.

Paula Caspão also participates at LP'09 with the proposals  Conservas Resort and Copacabana<=>Barceloneta.

11th of March, 19h
CCCB Auditori

35 minutes

Concept, dramaturgy and presentation: Paula Caspão
Thanks to: Jérôme Dupraz, María Fondo
Sound fragments/music/voices from: Beirute, Guyamas Sonora y Sunday Smile; Bollywood Funk; Cake, Palm of your hand y End of the Movie; CD audio Pasaporte. Español como lengua extranjera. Edelsa/Grupo Didascalia, S. A.; Coco Rosie, Tahiti Rain song; Nick Cave, Watching Alice; Paolo Conte, Max; Reines Prochaines, I hate Diets; Sushi 4004; Yann Tiersen, Le meridien
Premiered at Festival In-Presentable (Madrid, 2008) under the title The remaking of, a title that came out of a mistake.