Introduction to the labOfilm project: filmic choreOgrams

The term choreOgram belongs to the construction and editing tools vocabulary that Olga Mesa articulates and develops – based on the body and its relationship with the camera/image/spectator- within her audiovisual devices. The choreographer and audiovisual artist proposes this concept as a key to access her thought and writing; opening, from there, a relational game between ideas, associations and visions, stories and discoveries.

A documentary exhibition space to be shared with the audience, with materials and working archives of the artist. Approaching the relationship of the body with the world, with reality and fiction, with the visible and invisible, and with the individual and collective memory that accompany the making processes of her pieces.


Saturday 10th of December

9.30pm / La Porta __casa

Performance by Olga Mesa and after talk with the artist about her work.