Impregnaciones en la Srta. Nieve y Guitarra

sketches for a piece under construction

Sketches towards the ninth instalment of the Disparates series, in which Mónica Valenciano presents the mute skeleton of her work, complete with subtitles of mathematical nakedness, in full colour.

9 verses of impregnations in Srta. Nieve y Guitarra


The protagonist of a pause 7
in interpretations of an apparition, 3
that strings together uncharted zones
of a thought 5 and her vertebrae
is somehow 1 like an embrace.
It occurs in the handkerchief 4 That leads her hand
in another track, she lets go 6 of the cloud clearing
in a wrinkled white, 2 the strings that move her shape,
she dances a slam or hearing a thousand arms of a word
in her body, who looks twice 8 and answers,
the sky is like this, let's go and see it 9:

Verse 2
Advance listening:

From A to... places thousands of words interrelate listening between two shores reading,
Are invocations with any degree of certainty inaugurated?
Filming inside her body.
Touching the sound of her space, how much is it? how much is given?
Through the skin 9 legs of a thought
construct the smile of...

Open till dawn

Verse 3
Decodes the initial gesture as a light that embraces her final hiding.

Verse 4
Still here... in the threshold with half moon lost in her eyes, she dances intonations on a train, printed desire for a step or samba of a nameless verse of her braid, in the wind, crumbs of a plan.

Verse 5
And she planted the question which cipher projects the strings that move the shape, presenting the rhythms of a map, vibrations of an unknown place (hypnotic procedure).

Verse 6
In the eye of her chess the apprentice of shadows plays at waving her crooked wand and, in an angle of the moon, writes love letters to her strangers and...

Verse 7
With subtitles of mathematical nakedness, she presents the mute skeleton of her wound, in full colour.

Verse 8             
Unexpected interventions of a floating point.

Verse 9
Single trial:

With eyes on the landscape of the still unspoken.
Practice a gesture full of places.

Created and performed by: Mónica Valenciano
Lighting: Cora Abajo
Music: Melingo and Josephine Baker