Genotype / Source / Genotype (workshop)

Antoni Karwowski

I observe the process of permanent deconstruction of memory by the reality around me. In this context, I put out questions about identity. The relationship between past and present aspects of looking for the universal order.

Performance, enables me to enter a fascinating game between the world of reality and the remembered. Capture a sense of time and influence on the course of past events, modify them, build new configurations and their transfer to the real space. In performance I can find the form for my ideas, intuition and biologism of the body.

Antoni Karwowski

The main aim of the workshops is to initiate cognitive, intellectual and notional processes as a communication form with environment. The aim of this part is evaluation sources of inspiration and building personal genotype defined as a creative potential: Genotype - Source - Genotype.
The wokshop is addressed to practitioners who are already developing their own creative processes with an interest on issues related to presence and the body. They won't have to pay any fee for participating on the workshop, but full dedication is required during the scheduled times, it also implies participation on SELF - 24 h. performance laboratory where Karwowski aims to occupy La Porta's space with a performative practice open for the audience.

♦ Antoni Karwowski presents other three proposals within LP'11 the lecture: Because milk is nothing more… than perfectly digested blood + la performance Horizon 2, 8 th of March at 19h at La Porta , the performance Standing at the end of white line, 13th of March at 20h at the CCCB and Self-24h performance laboratory the 15th of March , an ocupation along the participants on the workshop of La Porta's space.

From the 9th till the 11th of March from 10h to 14h
La Porta