Flatland - Part I

(Going up, not North)

Flatland – Part I is the first of three episodes that tell the tragic story of a Flatman who discovers that a third dimension is missing from his life. We follow Flatman and his reflection through worlds of two-dimensionality and perspective until he discovers that his existence in the 3D world is possible, as long as there are spectators watching him. Happy with the new discovery but unhappy with his dependency, Flatman launches a strategy to conquer three-dimensional immortality. An ingenious montage of texts, photos and film that lies somewhere between an essay and a fairytale for adults.

Patrícia Portela is the inventor of a kind of theatre that experiments with the most diverse technologies, and the creator of unclassifiable works in which the movement of words is also a form of choreography.

13th and 14th of March, 19h
CCCB Auditori

In English with Spanish subtitles
50 minutes approx.

By Patrícia Portela in collaboration with Christoph De Boeck, Anton Skrzypiciel, Irmã Lucia (Special effects) and Helder Cardoso
Text, images and coordination: Patrícia Portela
Voice/Performer: Anton Skrzypiciel
Sound Design: Christoph De Boeck
Graphic composition and technical assistance: Helder Cardoso
Layout and book programming: Irmã Lucia (special effects)
Technical assistance: Hélio Mateus, Peter de Goy, Carlos Jorge Carmo
Construction of the book's support: Antoine Vandewaude
General assistance: Patrícia Bateira
Production: Patrícia Portela and Helena Serra
Subsidized by: MC/Instituto Português das Artes and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Co-produced by: Wp Zimmer (Belgic), Espaço do Tempo e Lugar Comum (Portugal)
Supported by: Transforma, Casa Ferreira, Centro Nacional de Cultura, Editora Fenda, Ambaixada Lomográfica, Bacardi Portugal, Tesa, Bosch, Xerox, Instituto Camões/The Portuguese Embassy in Norway and Russia
Special thanks to: António Saraiva, Vasco Santos, Sr. Bernardino, Sónia Baptista, Ana Pais, Sr. Nuno Ferreira, Sony, Diana Roquette, João Garcia Miguel, Eva Nunes, Rui Horta and all the team of Montemor-o-Novo, Hélio Mateus, Miguel (LC), among others

* this performance of Patricia Portela was made possible thanks to the support of the Flemish Minister of Culture